Hijamah Herbal Tonic - An essential aid to the Hijama Procedure

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Hijamah is the procedure of removing blood through the process of "wet" cupping on specific points on the body and at specified days of the lunar month. This has the effect of removing toxins, impurities and waste products of red blood cell breakdown from the blood circulation. Numerous benefits of the procedure have been identified through traditional experience as well as modern scientific research. These include a reduction in cholesterol, regulation of blood glucose and insulin levels, increase in circulating immune cells and enhancement of immune function. 

Traditionally patients are advised to maintain a healthy diet pre and post the procedure and includes recommendations to have foods that are known to enhance blood production. These are normally high in healthy fats and protein. Nowadays however patients find it difficult to adopt these requirements due to their often hectic work schedule and other responsibilities. 

The Hijamah Herbal Tonic was developed with this in mind and is an excellent alternative to the strict dietary requirements to be followed for the Hijamah procedure. The formula is based on classic herbal formulae used for hundreds of years to both clean the blood and also nourish and stimulate healthy blood production. It prevents the "dryness" and headaches that may occur after the procedure especially in those who are deficient in blood and other essential nutrients.

Containing a large number of minerals and vitamins in addition to special herbal substances, the formula itself is known to assist in many blood disorders and is essential for anyone undergoing Hijamah. (A discount is available to Hijamah practitioners)


The formula is available in bottles of 30 capsules here: Hijamah Herbal Tonic

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