What is Hijama?

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Hijama, Islamic cupping or "wet" cupping is the practice of removing blood from the surface of the body via the use of a suction device (normally a glass or disposable plastic cup) in order to effect healing. It is believed that in this manner toxins, impurities, damaged and old red blood cells as well as other byproducts of the body's normal physiological processes are removed from the body. Hijama specifically refers to the Islamic practice of wet cupping with its rules and regulations including the days of the month etc on which it should be performed. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recommended Hijama as one of three in which there is cure (the other two being honey and cauterisation by fire though he disapproved of cauterisation).

Hijama is a simple procedure itself that involves making cuts in the skin on specific areas of the body on the neck, head, between the shoulder blades or on the anterior aspect of the foot. A glass or plastic (disposable) cup is then applied after creating a vacuum in the cup either with fire or through a pump mechanism. Electric cupping sets are also available that can be used for this purpose. Note that plastic cups must be disposed of after use as the valve mechanism cannot be adequately sterilised after use for wet cupping procedures.

The effects of Hijama are many and involve the removal of harmful waste products that accumulate due to red blood cell breakdown as well as ingestion of substances in the diet that accumulate over time. Hijama is recommended on certain days of the month, specifically the 17th, 19th and 21st of the lunar month and it is demonstrated that at this time of the month the blood removed during Hijama has a higher preponderance of these accumulated toxins and harmful substances. Hijama has also been shown to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood glucose levels and also treat cases of high blood pressure, poor memory, depression etc.

More information on Hijama can be found in Dr Latib's book on the subject titled Islamic Cupping & Hijama available from the website: http://www.hijamahbook.com

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