Waterproof Motion Sensor Ultrasonic Mouse Pest Repeller Q-BJ911

Waterproof Motion Sensor Ultrasonic Mouse Pest Repeller Q-BJ911

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- It is a multi-frequency division alarm and flash uses ultrasonic waves to constantly change the frequency, stimulate and destroy the brain and auditory system of a mouse. So that the mouse panic, unable to survive or escape the place.
-It is suitable for security alarm of house, orchard, building, farm, warehouse, etc, and drive off the mouse and other animals.
-It covers a wide area 360 degrees sensing angle 5-8 meters motion distance
-Eagle and animals can be driven away.

- Indoor and outdoor install
- It is a wireless remote control for long-distance
- Solar energy/DC charging, rechargeable lithium battery can be used for a long time
- Full day 24hrs/Night 12Hrs work modes
- It is waterproof

- Waterproof: IP65
- Battery: 3.7V x 2000mAH Lithium battery
- Motion distance5-8 meters
- Remote distance: 10-200 meters
- Solar charging
- Package weight: 350g
- Package dimensions: l =18.5cm x h =16cm x w =6cm


What's in the box
  • 1 x Waterproof Motion Solar Infrared Sensor Alarm

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