Warm Water (90 CAPS)

Warm Water (90 CAPS)

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Warm Water is a herbal formula designed to treat water constitutions and cold in the body due to weakness of the fire aspect of the body which translates to adrenal function in western medicine and conditions of low or slow metabolism.

This formula improves renal function and fluid metabolism and is therefore often used when renal insufficiency is present the signs of which include swelling of the ankles, dull lower back pain, accumulation of water which may be in the form of easy weight gain.

Water constitutions are prone to these conditions but also the elderly whose kidney function declines over time. This particular formula is more suited to those who also have some cold signs and not for those who are displaying signs of heat such as night sweats, hot flushes, excessive thirst.

Primary uses of this formula:

- Water constitutions

- Kidney weakness with a cold component

- Infertility due to Kidney weakness (conception)

- Frequent miscarriage in the first trimester due to kidney weakness

- Hypothyroid conditions

- Amenorrhea due to kidney weakness or cold and damp blocking the uterus

- Cold, damp conditions

- Dull and aching lower back due to weakness

- Poor erection/libido

- Sperm motility problems


Large swollen


Deep / Weak


Water constitution

Cold due to weakness

Cold due to excess cold

Kidney weakness

Adrenal exhaustion/insufficiency


Water swelling


Lower back pain

Knee pain

Cold feet and legs




1 capsule twice daily with meals is the general dosage for a water constitution. The dosage can be doubled in severe cases or in the beginning of treatment.


Do not use during a flu or cold. Do not use in pregnancy unless the patient has a cold kidney syndrome. Avoid in the last trimester in either case. 

Sometimes this formula can be used to treat depression when associated with stagnation of the liver that is worse in the cold weather such as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This formula has the function of increasing motivation and willpower in the patient as well.

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