Visiorep (60 CAPS) - For Eye Disorders

Visiorep (60 CAPS) - For Eye Disorders

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Visiorep is an advanced herbal formula that treats a wide range of eye disorders characterised by dryness, heat and/or deficiency.

The main function of the formula is to supplement liver blood, brighten the eyes and remove heat and dryness from the liver and eyes. For this reason it is effective for the following conditions:

Primary Uses:

- Poor vision due to blood deficiency (used long term)

- Dry, itchy eyes

- Eye strain from viewing screens (Adults and kids)

- Conjunctivitis (short term use)

- Night blindness (use long term at low dosage of 1 capsule per day)

- Uveitis

- Floaters in the vision

- Macular degeneration

- Cataracts (Prevention)

- Skin diseases due to excess liver heat affecting the skin


This formula is very effective for eye disorders in patients with signs of dryness and/or heat in the liver. It is also used for skin disorders as liver heat and dryness can also manifest in the skin such as psoriasis, dry or hot eczema etc. Patients may often have both issues at the same time with the common root syndrome of liver dryness or heat.

Since this is a supplementing formula you may need to combine with Support Earth in patients with digestive weakness or who experience loose stools after using this formula. The formula is more suited to the summer months and those with some heat in their bodies. Use caution in the cold climate or combine with Warm Water if needed.


1 capsule twice daily for acute cases. 1 to 2 capsules a day for long term use. 

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