TF-600 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

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We are the only medical supplier offering a 7 day DOA replacement guarantee, and 1 year warranty on infra red thermometers, buy with peace of mind from a reputable medical company established since 2007

The TF600 Infrared Non-contact thermometer is an advanced version of infrared thermometers that allows both surface and body temperature scanning within 0.5s. The unit has a 3 color backlight on the display to indicate safe, caution or danger.


  • CE、FCC、RoHS Certification by HEDAO
  • Precise non-contact infrared measurement.
  • Stores 50 past measurements for record keeping and tracing
  • Two Measurement modes:
  • Body Temperature (for personal use and in workplaces, clinics)
  • Surface temperature(for room, milk, water etc)
  • ℃ and ℉ Switchable
  • 0.5 second result time (faster than cheaper versions)
  • Alarm Value Setting, Selection for a buzzer
  • 3 Color Backlight LCD Display in Body MODE to indicate safe, caution or danger

Display Resolution: 0.1°C(0.1°F)
Body Temperature Measurement: 34-42.9°C / 93.2-109.2°F
Ambient Temperature Measurement: 0-100°C / 32-212°F
Accuracy: (+/-)0.2°C (0.4°F) (0.6°C error is allowed due to the infrared test and environment effect)
Measurement Distance: 1 to 15cm(within 5cm is the best)
Auto-shutdown Time: About 18s
Operating Temperature: 10-40°C / 50-104°F
Storage Temperature: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Relative Humidity: ≤85%

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