Soften Wood (90 CAPS)

Soften Wood (90 CAPS)

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Soften Wood is a herbal formula developed to treat wood (liver) constitutions and cases of stagnation of Qi (Qudra/Vital force).

It works by "softening the liver" through medicinals that nourish liver blood and those that promote the flow of qi/qudra and thereby remove blockages to flow.

Blockage to the flow of energy can manifest in a number of different illnesses and associated signs and symptoms including nervous, gastrointestinal, gynaecological and muscular problems.

A key factor in knowing whether or not the illness is related to stagnant flow of qudra/qi/energy is that the symptoms get worse for stress.

The primary uses of this formula:

1. Wood constitutions who display a mix of stagnation and blood deficiency.

2. Stomach disorders with a stress component. (bloating, cramps, belching, nausea and vomiting)

3. Gynecological disorders worse for stress

4. Irritability, mood swings, depression, uptight

5. Muscle tightness especially neck and upper back


Pale edges or dark colour overall




Liver/Wood constitution

Qi stagnation (Qudra/Vital force stagnation)

Stress, irritability, frustration

IBS (Combine with Support Earth)

Cramping pains



Belching, hiccoughs and burping

Headache (temples)

Nervous anxiety


1 capsule twice daily with meals is the general dosage for a wood constitution. The dosage can be doubled in severe cases or prior to the menstrual cycle. 


When using it for the general constitution the formula must be used long term at a moderate to low dosage to gain the full benefit as both the stagnation and associated blood deficiency are slowly reversed. They cannot be reversed rapidly because of the nature of blood deficiency and long term stagnation. Using high doses of blood nourishing medicinals is difficult to digest and may cause loose stools. If this occurs reduce the dosage.

Patients must be counselled to give up coffee as this makes the condition worse in the long run. High caffeine products of any kind dry the blood tremendously. Other stimulants as are commonly used by body builders and weight loss supplements may also be blood-drying in nature.

Other emotional factors must be addressed. Liver blood deficiency and stagnation are common in highly stressed individuals and this formula assists in these cases but the cause of the stress etc must be addressed.

This formula has a sedative effect, If the formula makes them sleepy then it should only be taken in the evenings and one may need to assess if a yang/energy supplement is also needed like Warm Water or Revivo. 

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