Sanifog disinfectant fog - 400ml

Sanifog disinfectant fog - 400ml

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SF Sanifog is a sanitizer that disinfects rooms and offices. It is a disinfectant that has been widely used for the disinfection of areas such as offices, nurseries, schools, houses, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, governmental institutions, and more. It has also been extensively used in the poultry and other agriculture sectors of many parts of the world.

The DOH has recommended frequent disinfection of contact surfaces for which sanifog is ideal


  • This easy and ready to use aerosol fogger has a very low toxicity rate
  • It's non-corrosive and leaves no residual effect.
  • This product is effective against resistant-naked-viruses and penetrates into difficult to reach areas in the form of dense fog.


Once triggered, the can will empty, producing a very fine aerosol mist that can be used to disinfect any closed area of approximately up to 120m3 per 400g aerosol can.