Professional Hijama Machine - Electric Vacuum Cupping Device

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For the professional Hijama or Cupping therapist, this oilless vacuum cupping device provides quick, reliable AND adjustable suction for use in Hijama or cupping. This is a premium quality unit made in Taiwan and is embedded in a rugged carry case with rubber surface rests.

Pressure is adjustable from 100mmHg to 600mmHg which ranges from moderate to high vacuum pressure.

This unit can be used to quickly apply multiple cups on the body and is a quicker and more reliable method of ensuring accurate pressure being used on all the cups so that the treatment is uniform or even adjusted to suit each point being used.

The unit comes with a full selection of 20 cups ranging in size from 1 to 7 to suit all applications and treatment plans. 

Made in Taiwan

Voltage: 220 - 230

(Comes with an international plug adapter)