Nourish Essence (90 CAPS)

Nourish Essence (90 CAPS)

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Nourish essence is a herbal formulation for very strongly supplementing the essence and blood of the body. It uses life supporting and nourishing medicinals including deer antler velvet and therefore has a very strong effect of strengthening the body and improving recovery.

Temperature: Balanced

Nature: Moistening, Strengthening

Functions in Complementary Medicine:

- Nourishes the essence 

- Supplements marrow

- Strengthens the kidneys

- Nourishes Liver blood

- Nourishes Yin

Western Medical Functions:

- Adaptogen

- Improves renal function

- Bidirectional hormone regulator

Main uses:

- Weak essence and blood

- Low back pain

- Low energy and motivation

- Weakness of the lower legs

- Weakness due to old age

- Poor memory

- Poor eyesight due to essence and blood deficiency

- Poor growth and development in children

- Headache at occipital region with feeling of emptiness

- Headache worse for ejaculation

Mental/Emotional Indications

- Poor memory

- Depression (lack of motivation, especially in elderly)

Gynecological indications:

- Menopause

- Amenorrhea due to blood deficiency

- Infertility due to blood deficiency and kidney weakness

Secondary indications

- Diabetes (especially with frequent urination)

- Delayed development in children

- Impotence

- Premature ejaculation




Vacuous / Surging (in cases of yang rising with a background of essence and blood insufficiency) / Weak


1 capsule twice daily with meals or 1 capsule with the evening meal for long term use.


This formula uses expensive ingredients such as deer antler velvet which were not commonly used in the past due to the cost. It is however much more frequently required today due to the depletion of essence from the lifestyles that are found and due to the excessive sexual indulgence and masturbation which both deplete the essence and hasten old age. The use of certain medications and a poor diet coupled with lack of sleep also deplete essence.

This formula is also useful for delayed development in children and also to treat weakness in the elderly.

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