Clarify Metal (90 CAPS)

Clarify Metal (90 CAPS)

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Clarify metal is a herbal formula developed for metal type constitutions and also for the treatment of blood stasis in the body that may manifest in different ways

It contains medicinals that are specific for encouraging the flow of blood and to thin the blood. It also contains medicinals that are known to treat pain that arises from poor blood flow, injury, clots or injury of either acute or chronic nature.

Temperature: Neutral

Nature: Moistening, Moving, Slightly draining

Functions in Complementary Medicine:

- Moves Blood

- Nourishes blood

- Resolves blood stasis

Western Medical Functions:

- Anticoagulant

- Platelet aggregation inhibitor

- Vasodilator

Main Indications:

- Metal constitutions (tending to blood stasis in general) - the sign of this is a sooty complexion or the presence of pain which is sharp/stabbing nature or the presence of purple areas either on the body or the tongue.

- Pain due to blood stasis (sharp, stabbing or 'pulling' in nature, may be accompanied by purple discoloration or blemishes, disturbs the patient at night)

- Blood stasis syndromes

- Poor circulation

- Skin blemishes due to blood stagnation

- Skin conditions with a purple color

- Purple spots on the tongue

- Purplish discoloration of the tongue

Mental/Emotional Indications:

- Paranoia

- Depression with blood stasis signs, extreme mood swings

- Chronic insomnia

Gynecological indications:

- Amenorrhea

- Sharp, stabbing pain before or during the beginning of the period

- Large clots

- Infertility due to blood stasis and deficiency (combine with formulae to strengthen the kidneys or nourish blood depending on the root syndromes)

- Endometriosis

- Pain from fibroids and ovarian cysts

Skin indications:

- Lesions that are dry in nature and/or have a purplish tinge to them.

Musculoskeletal indications:

- Joint pains (consider orthorep instead for more severe joint problems together with cold signs)

- Poor recovery from exercise due to poor blood flow

- Post herpetic neuralgia

- Trauma

Secondary indications (Use half the normal dosage if using together with another primary formula)

- Chronic pain syndromes from any cause (since very chronic pain always have an element of blood stasis)

- Presence of spider veins

- Elderly patients (use with supplementing formulas such as nourish essence, warm water etc)


Purplish tinge or purple spots in some areas


Choppy / Deep


1 Capsule twice daily with meals

Drug interactions:

Potentiates the effect of western anticoagulants


Do not use during pregnancy

Do not use in bleeding disorders


Blood stasis is rarely found on its own except in cases of injury. This formula therefore is very often combined with other formulae in order to treat a case where there is also blood stasis present with other root syndromes. Often water type patients who have weak kidneys will also develop blood stasis and therefore it can be combined for this. 

Use whenever there are also signs of blood stasis present.

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