Biocerem (60 CAPS)

Biocerem (60 CAPS)

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Biocerem is an advanced herbal formulae developed to treat and prevent blood clots (especially in the brain) as well as high blood pressure and other neurological diseases. This formula is also effective for migraine headaches.

The main function of the formula is to promote the flow of blood in the brain, break up blood clots, lower pressure and heat, relieve headache and pain. 

Temperature: Cold

Nature: Moist

Areas of action: Brain, Liver, Lungs

Primary Uses:

- Chronic stubborn migraine headaches

- Hypertension

- Poor blood flow in the brain

- Blood clots in the brain

- Stroke prevention and recovery

- Epilepsy


1 capsule twice daily for acute cases. 1 to 2 capsules a day for long term use. 


Since this formula is cool in nature and heavily lowers liver heat and fire it should be used with caution in those with either a cold digestion or kidneys. It can be combined with support earth or warm water in this case. Alternatively it can be used with Revivo for concurrent weakness of energy, blood and immune function or Nourish Essence for concurrent kidney essence deficiency.