Acomed IMPEX Polycarbonate Face Shield

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Warning: This product is not a replacement for an appropriate face mask. It should be used together with a face mask

The ultimate in protection and durability. UV resistant and unbreakable with normal use. Besides protection from droplet spray through talking, coughing and sneezing these shields will protect the user from other environmental or industrial hazards and they will last without breaking or fading or change in color. Used by surgeons and other health workers in many hospitals.

Excellent clarity and visibility with thick foam rest for forehead. Premium straps for mounting and metal fastening clips. Visor can be raised and lowered.

Will stay on your head firmly and comfortably without risk of falling off, which is essential for high risk environments. Unit can withstand heat up to 135 degrees celsius.

Chemical resistant, can be wiped down with alcohol repeatedly without damage or fade.

Resistant to fogging. 

Does not contain toxic materials or heavy metals. 

Visor material is ISO and European REACH approved.

This is the same material used by racing car drivers Visors and for safety riot shields.

(With visors that use cheap materials that are not shatterproof, there is a risk and liability of plastics that shatter into sharp edges and thereafter injure the face and eyes of workers. This is a critical advantage with this unbreakable IMPEX version)

Available in 2 versions:

Standard version uses an IMPEX Headband with foam and strap with a buckle.

Cap version is attached to a comfortable soft cap in either Royal Blue, Navy, Black or Grey

Visor material properties:

■ Excellent optical properties

■ Exceptional performance at both low and high temperatures

(from -40°C to +135°C)

■ Excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties

■ Virtually unbreakable with normal use

■ IMPEX® UVP with a both sides co-extruded UV protective layer,

■ Indoor and outdoor use as well high light environments such as hospitals, factories etc.

See the durability testing videos:

Arrow impact test:

Mask still retains its form and function after 200fps arrow impact. Only shallow indent remains while arrow is deflected from the face.

Hammer impact test:

Technical data sheet for visor and headband material: Click here to download

Chemical resistance chart: Click here to download 

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