Support Earth (90 CAPS)

Support Earth (90 CAPS)

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Support Earth is developed for earth constitutions and to strengthen and support the digestive system as well as remove phlegm from the body.

A weak digestive system is very common nowadays even in those who are not earth type constitutions therefore this formula is often used to assist digestion together with other formulas that are supplementing in nature.

It functions by both strengthening the digestive ability and also assisting in the movement of food through the digestive system. It is therefore beneficial in bloating and indigestion and cramping in the stomach, as well as conditions of improper flow such as belching, frequent burping, "gas" or flatulence.

By strengthening the digestive function phlegm and mucus buildup is also reduced in the body.


- Earth constitution

- Phlegm syndromes

- Poor digestion resulting in tiredness, loose stools etc

- Low metabolism

- Weight problems due to weak digestion

- Pancreas insufficiency

- Low appetite

- Bloating and indigestion

- acid reflux, heart burn


The presence of teeth marks indicates poor water metabolism.


The classic pulse is the soggy pulse which is floating and forceless and fine, also called the thready pulse. The pulse however can also be wiry from the stagnation or just forceless overall


1 Capsule twice daily with meals


Essence and Blood deficiency - Combine with Nourish Essence for Qudra/Qi , this is a common syndrome as a weak digestive system will result in blood deficiency over time which can also result in essence insufficiency

Insomnia and menopause - combine with Soothe Fire

With depression, anger, irritablity - combine with Soften Wood


This formula can be taken long term which will greatly enhance the digestive function over time.

It can also be combined with other medicinals to assist in their absorption and digestion.


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