Cosmetic Laser

In the past 20 years cosmetic laser has proven itself as the ultimate modality when it comes to repairing damaged skin, treating unsightly scars, removing fat and generally promoting health and beauty through its healing and regenerative effects. For this purpose low level cosmetic lasers have proven to be the safest and most effective.

(High power lasers are generally used for their cutting or cauterisation ability and are best used by specialist medical practitioners as they present a serious risk of injury if used incorrectly) 

Low power lasers are therapeutic in nature and can be safely used by therapists and wellness clinics for laser lipo treatments, facial rejuvenation, acne treatment, scar therapy, varicose vein treatment etc. Our machines are low level lasers intended for use by therapists, beauty clinics and even members of the public. We manufacture units that can be used in clinics as well as in the home.

Because it is low level cosmetic laser, it does not possess a cutting or burning effect. Rather Its effects are to 

  • repair and regenerate damaged tissue (as in the case of scar therapy, facial rejuvenation, hair loss treatment etc), 
  • increase blood flow to the treated area (which is good for reversing the effects of ageing and also treating varicose veins and improving hair growth), 
  • reduce inflammation (and thereby treat acne and other skin disorders), 
  • effect fat release from fat cells (as in the case of laser lipo) and also 
  • relieve pain and swelling.

Introducing Low Level Cosmetic Lasers into your clinic or beauty practice could possibly be the best move you make, for your and your clients. In fact, clients are now more well informed than they have ever been and actively peruse the internet for new and effective treatments. Many therapists tell us that clients are asking for low level cosmetic laser as part of their beauty treatment because they have read up on it and its benefits.

How does low level cosmetic laser work?

All the cells of the human body respond to light. This was discovered thousands of years ago and you wil find references in ancient greek medicine and other traditional medical systems about using light to heal and restore body function and vitality. In the past this light was limited to sunlight, later as technology progressed other forms of light were developed and used for therapy, these included uv light, infrared light, led light etc. Laser was developed around 1960 and is a very special form of light. Cosmetic laser light is coherent and monochromatic, which means that the light photons are arranged orderly and of a very specific color as opposed to other forms of light which are scattered and have a large range of variance in its color. Because of these properties of laser, it has effects which cannot be achieved by ordinary light or led. The main effect is that it can penetrate the skin and stimulate the underlying tissue through a process called photobiomodulation, this is why cosmetic laser treatment is often called photobeautytherapy. Cosmetic laser light in the form of photons penetrate the skin layer and are transmitted to deeper tissues and result in a number of different effects viz.:

Increased blood flow to the area

By increasing the blood flow, tissues in the are heal quicker as more nutrients are brought and waste products and toxins are removed. Varicose veins also respond well to laser treatment which is able to improve the functioning of the valves and resolve the blood coagulation and stasis in the veins. 

Repair of damaged cells

Laser light is absorbed by the mitochondria of damaged skin and tissue cells which then initiates a sequence of events that cause the cell to heal and repair itself and stop unnecessary cell death. This occurs through the activation of mitochondrial receptor proteins and the progression of the ATP cycle, which releases nitric oxide and other reactive oxygen species that act to start the cells own protein production and healing process. In this way skin becomes tighter, more perfused and healthy looking, without the need for botox! Collagen and elastin formation is also increased which reduces stretch marks, cellulite and skin sagging as well as wrinkles. The same mechanism is what makes cosmetic laser effective for scar therapy. If treated early, cosmetic laser prevents the excessive formation of scar tissue. It can be used for caesarian sutures as well as all other wounds and surgical sutures with often surprising effects. Many dedicated wound healing centers are now using laser exclusively for such wounds, surgical scars and burns. This mechanism is also important for treating hair loss, cosmetic laser is able to repair damaged and non-functioning hair roots and also increase blood flow to them so that hair is restored. 

Reduction of inflammation and death of acne producing bacteria

Laser light also causes the release of inflammation reducing factors in the local tissues which then promotes healing and reduces any swelling. Some skin conditions are due to a constant state of inflammation, especially conditions like excessive pimples, eczema, dry skin and redness of the skin. This can easily be treated by cosmetic laser because of its effect in reducing inflammation whether acute or chronic. Cosmetic laser also has the effect of killing acne producing bacteria through activation of porphyrins. Porphyrins are chemicals released by the acne producing bacteria when exposed to laser light that are toxic to the bacteria and cause their death thereby stopping acne and healing acne scars.

Release of lipids from fat cells (laser lipo)

Many people are familiar with laser lipolysis which in fact is the wrong name since the the fat cells are not "lysed" or killed in the process.  In fact when fat cells are exposed to cosmetic laser, they release their fat store into the surrounding tissue in the form of triglycerides. These are then taken up by the bloodstream and used in the body for energy provided the individual is active during or after the therapy. Low level cosmetic laser is the most effective method of spot fat reduction and often patients will experience a reduction in size of the affected area immediately after the treatment. While all laser units have this effect, the cluster laser units and larger panel lasers are more suited to this therapy. Note that this effect is well researched and the FDA in America has approved cosmetic laser for circumferential reduction.

Other effects

There are other health promoting effects of low level cosmetic laser that although do not have a direct cosmetic effect act to improve the health of the individual. These include:

  • Better red blood cell function and flexibility - This allows better oxygenation of tissues and improved capillary blood flow
  • Improved immune response - Laser has been shown to increase cd cells
  • Better brain and nerve function - patients with cognitive impairment improve with laser therapy
  • Improved bone production and quicker healing of fractures
  • Improved platelet production etc

Cosmetic laser machines have traditionally always been expensive with only well-heeled clinics able to afford to offer this therapy for their clients. Nowadays however with advances in laser diode technology, Aconite Medical is able to offer you a range of affordable cosmetic laser units for use in your practice or at home. Browse our selection and feel free to request further information by emailing us on or call us on our numbers listed above.

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