Comparison Tables

Multiple Laser Comparison Table

Posted by Feroz Osman-Latib on

  Manufacturer Aconite Laser Laserneedle Ltd Laserneedle EG Weber Medical RJ Model No. Aconite Laser AL 100 Laser Needle Kolina( Laser Needle Touch) Weber Needle Basic Light Needle Reference Picture Laser Diode MTBF (Hours) >5000 Hours N/A Number of Lasers 10 8 10 6 + 6 4, 8, 12 Available Laser Blue 405nm/20-80mW N/A 405nm/110mW N/A 405nm/5mW Available Laser Red 660nm/50-80mW 660nm/40mW 660nm/40mW 658nm/50mW 650nm/50mW Material oft taping part: Stainless Steel Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Isolation between taping part and patients skin Yes by Double sided tape No No No No Disinfection of taping part By Alcohol; Easy and Full...

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